2020 Tours

Walking is the best way to become part of the ecosystem, and wildlife is where we find it. On our ecotours, there is a possibility to observe:
  • Arctic Hare
  • Arctic Fox, Red Fox and other color phases
  • Cape Churchill Caribou
  • Up to 200 different bird species; always the possibility of the extremely rare Ross's Gull (late May to mid July)
  • Polar Bear
  • Beluga Whale (July & August)

Roads and Trails

Drive a little, walk a little - 30 minute to 1 hour walks

Combines scenic transportation routes with established trails. Local naturalist guides with factual information and extensive experience in Arctic environments. Fully trained for working safely in Polar Bear Country.

  • Half-Day Tour - Designed to give a comprehensive overview of Churchill and its surrounding areas.

  • Full Day Tour - Allows you to spend more time exploring in different areas. Bring your lunch and have a picnic while enjoying some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world.

The Churchill area encompasses many diverse habitats and rich ecosystems. Experience a tour where you will travel from the Boreal Forest tree line, through Taiga and Tundra, to the salt water tidal and marine environments of Hudson Bay.

  • You will find plants and wildflowers ranging from Boreal Forest species, to dwarf Tundra species, to salt loving marine species (Halophytes).
  • Learn about the historical legacy of the early explorers searching for the Northwest Passage, the building of the railway, the rocket range, the military presence, to the present day and the challenges of living in a frontier town.
  • Visit the sights: Polar Bear Jail and the evolution of the Polar Bear Alert Program, Old Fort Churchill ; Miss Piggy – crashed C46 freighter
  • Explore different beaches. (Polar Bear Alley) Your experience will depend on the 16 foot tides. High Tide: Old Polar Bear snare traps, Halophytic plants, many different kinds of seaweed, mollusk shells and other sea creatures (star fish, sponges, Lions Mane Jelly Fish). Enjoy fresh sea breezes, crashing waves, the sand between your toes (putting a toe in Hudson Bay confirms your visit to Nunavut). The low tide walk transports you back 450 million years, looking for fossils of the Ordovician and Silurian Periods. The largest Trilobite in the world was found in Churchill and now resides in the Museum of Man & Nature in Winnipeg.
  • Hike around the lichen covered rocks of Bird Cove with tiny ecosystems of berries, moss and wildflowers hidden in crevasses. View the ghost ship Ithaca from shore or get as close as your guide will allow (depending on tides).
  • Check out active denning areas of Red Fox. Color phases include Cross and Silver Fox and we have seen all color phases in one den. The mother starts to den in May, and the family is generally gone by mid- July (out hunting).
  • Visit the Churchill Northern Studies Centre and Rocket Range where you can see “Patterned Ground” – ice wedge polygons showing evidence of permafrost underlying the area. The CNSC is a state of the art research facility used by scientists from around the world (gift shop, water, washroom). The Rocket Range fired rockets in 1967, now we can still see the rocket launchers, Block House and even some crashed rockets.
  • Churchill is a world class birding destination renowned for its richness and variety with over 200 species of breeding, nesting and staging birds. Birding can start in May, but for the most number of species, early June to mid- July is the best time.

Wildlife Sightings
Never Guaranteed, Always Possible

Arctic Hare
Arctic Fox and Red Fox (Silver & Cross Fox)
Cape Churchill Caribou
Beluga Whale ( July & August)
Polar Bear
Ringed and Harbor Seal

BIRDS: over 200 breeding, nesting and staging species (June, July)

Birding Tours

Half Day and Full Day Tours
Enjoy some of the best birding in the world. Visit the best habitats to find the birds you are looking for. Churchill River (brackish and fresh water) Hudson Bay coast (salt water), Tundra ponds, marshes, fens, open Tundra, Boreal Forest. Follow the birds off the beaten path – short drives to the different areas and leisurely walking in pristine wilderness on mostly flat ground (bring your rubber boots for the marshy bits). Spotting scope supplied. The best birding is June through mid-July.

Polar Bear Tours

Full Day Tours (October/November)
In past years, we have been seeing Polar Bears from July through September as an added bonus on the Roads & Trails Tours.

In “Polar Bear Season” we offer the FULL DAY ROADS & TRAILS, where the focus of the tour is the bears. As an added bonus- full interpretation of the Churchill Sights (Polar Bear Jail, Miss Piggy, Bird Cove & The Ithaca, Churchill Northern Studies Center, Rocket Range), plants, birds & History. Learn about everything else that Churchill has to offer while looking for wildlife. Discuss everything “Polar Bear” - the Polar Bear Alert Program, Polar Bear lifecycle and behavior, what it is like living in Polar Bear Country.