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Canada Churchill, Manitoba, Canada is located on the western shore of Hudson Bay, at the mouth of the historic Churchill River.

Churchill is only accessible by rail, a 36 hour ride, or by air with a 3 hour flying time. Though it is 1,000 km from Winnipeg as the crow flies, the rail journey takes you through 1,900 km of beautiful scenery. The VIA Rail train arrives and departs Churchill every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. You may choose to take a leisurely drive from Winnipeg, through Riding Mountain National Park, and board the train in Thompson. Calm air and Kivalliq Air operate daily flights between Winnipeg and Churchill.

Manitoba Being approximately 770 km south of the Arctic Circle, you can enjoy up to 19 hours of daylight in June, diminishing to 5 hours in December. A year round population of 800 souls increases to approximately 1200 in the spring and summer when bird, wildflower and whale enthusiasts arrive, and Canada's only Arctic Seaport opens.

The 'Polar Bear Capitol of the World' has so much more to offer! Churchill has the distinction of being located in a subarctic zone. Within a 25 km radius there are 4 distinct ecosystems and all of the diverse flora and fauna that goes with each. In one day you can travel from Northern Boreal Forest, through Taiga and Tundra, to Marine environments.

In the spring (May-June) Churchill is a bird watchers paradise, with as many as 200 species migrating, staging and nesting. In summer (July-August) thousands of Beluga Whales frolic in the river estuary and wild flowers carpet the ground. In September the fall colors are spectacular. And, of course, October-November, when the Polar Bears begin to congregate, waiting for Hudson Bay to freeze.

Come and share our love of the land and our small community.